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An artist who paints from a place of joy, infusing every piece with a desire to share positivity. Her work invites viewers to discover their own stories, finding the bright side in everything. Transitioning from a successful career in makeup artistry, Hana now embraces abstract modern art, living by the mantra of 'sharing good energy and touching other people’s lives.' Her latest pieces, 'Every Moment Exception' and 'Funky Folliya,' showcase her timeless minimalism and the unique quality of allowing viewers to impose their own stories onto the canvas.".


Don't miss the chance to immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Hanadivie's art. Explore the beauty, emotion, and unique stories woven into each piece.

Secure your own masterpiece before they're all claimed. Visit my gallery, embrace the inspiration, and make a lasting connection with a piece that resonates with you.



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Here I Matter

Dreamscape Illumination.
Unveiling a Symphony of Colors, Strength, and Tranquility.


"Hana's Artistry Unveiled: A Journey Beyond Boundaries"

Embarking on a transformative journey, Hana generously shares her distinctive artistic vision with enthusiasts, gracing meaningful venues, seizing opportunities, and participating in exhibitions across Los Angeles and beyond. Infused with courage, Hana is poised to illuminate the global art community, bringing vibrancy to the lives of those fortunate enough to encounter her creations. "I embrace courage and recognize that while a comfort zone is beautiful, nothing truly grows there," affirms Hana, reflecting on her fearless pursuit of new horizons. A testament to the belief that sharing one's art is a pivotal facet of success, Hana eagerly steps beyond the familiar landscapes of LA to unveil her masterpieces to a wider audience.


This artwork captures the indelible strength of men, portrayed through a compelling figure adorned in black with a golden mustache and a resolute gaze. Inspired by my father's unwavering resilience in overcoming life's challenges, it serves as a tribute to the enduring strength of men who face adversity with courage, embodying a sense of power and invincibility.

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